Welcome to the Direct-Shop Elite Video Library

Welcome to the Identifix Direct Shop Elite video tutorial repository! The videos found within the following pages demonstrate how to configure and utilize all major aspects of the repair shop Point of Sale program known as Direct Shop Elite, powered by Identifix.

All videos are numbered to step through setup and configuration topics first, and then later on to more advanced subject matter. It is recommended to view them in order - however - a user may wish to skip around once the first few essential topics are understood. If the user already has Direct Shop Elite operational in their shop, it may be advantageous to watch the videos while practicing the subject matter in the system, where applicable.

These demonstration videos serve solely as educational tools for the Direct Shop Elite program, but do not cover all aspects of the program. Further assistance and support is available at sm-na-directshopsupport@audatex.com


Our Video Library

Repair Order Basics – Packages and Invoicing

Repair Order Basics – Service Items

Create an Employee

End of Day / Start of Day Procedures

Inventory – Vendors, Line Codes, and Parts

Inventory – Service Items

Inventory – Packages

Tire Functions – Inventory, Service Items, and Tire Packages

Flat Rate Pay - Service Item Setup and Report